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I have been trading the stock market for many years, I have been through two bear markets in 2000 and 2007, the next one is not far away. My work focuses on timing the short term / intraday moves. Timing the markets will become more important as I expect the stock market to go sideways for many years. A buy and hold strategy won't work. My strategy is adapted to sideways markets. I developed some indicators to help me with my analysis which is based on Elliott wave theory. I use a directional indicator called BTI, two timing indicators, Top 20 Differential and 13-day BTI and a trend reversal indicator called 34-day BTI.

Welcome to the best FTSE 100 trading strategy! When you join the service you will have access to my latest view on the direction of the markets, you will receive live updates, you will see my trades (posted live) and you can copy my trades. I trade FTSE 100 and UK stocks, and sometimes GBP/USD. The majority of trades are held for many days/weeks. Trades are protected with other trades (hedging), however we still have a stop loss on each stock trade. As a result we are always long or short and the trades are small (low leverage). This enables me to run losing trades until they turn into a profit.

Long/Short Stocks, Indexes

The service is delivered via the e-Yield app. This app is the traders community where I discuss the markets, answer people questions and trade live. People use the app to be in constant contact with me, they get instant support from me at any time. We have two types of members; people who have their own strategy use the app to get my view on the intraday / short term direction of the FTSE 100 and the levels to trade. People who don't have a strategy copy my trades. Each time I trade I tell members what I do. I also give people some guidelines on money management, very important! The priority is to trade safely, so if I think it's a bit more risky to trade I will tell members to bet less. With this strategy it is impossible to lose your trading funds. Safe trading is what you get. Long trades are protected by short trades, we call it a long/short strategy. I also give my view on other markets that will influence the FTSE 100 like the dollar, S&P 500 and GBP/USD.

Other services

If you are looking for trading signals on the FTSE 100 with a stop loss and target, through our main website www.e-yield.com we offer daily reports and analysis on the FTSE 100 including intraday and swing trade alerts. Click on the button below to visit e-Yield.com.

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