FTSE 100 forecast

Probably the best FTSE 100 forecast you will find

The FTSE 100 forecast reports I provide have been spot on. The trading signals have been very profitable. Take the last two weeks, in total we made +294 pts trading the FTSE 100 intraday and short term. I gave two swing trade signals and nine intraday signals: Swing trades: Sell FTSE 100 June on 15th … Continue Reading

Surging GBP/USD drags the FTSE 100 lower

So far the high at 7447 in the FTSE 100 remains intact, this level could be the top. At the same time the decline has yet to materialise, the FTSE is stuck in a tight range between 7400-7440, it has been in this range since last Thursday. Yesterday the pound declined which is positive for … Continue Reading

FTSE trading: be cautious this week as we have some important news

Trading the FTSE 100 is easier when there is no news. Important news like nonfarm payrolls or interest rate decisions can change the forecast. This week we have a FOMC meeting and the Dutch election on Wednesday, plus President Trump’s budget on Thursday and a possible triggering of article 50…read more