Risk and reward: a low risk strategy

Risk and reward go together, I am sure you have heard stories about people doubling their money in a few months. Well, those people take huge risks, this is why they can double their money in a short period of time. The drawback of taking huge risks is that you can lose all your money […]

FTSE prediction in the short term: a rally to 7600

The rally extended and the FTSE 100 is now overbought on the 13-day BTI. But calling the top will be challenging, when the FTSE goes up alone irrespective of what the S&P and the pound are doing, we need to wait until it calms down. There will be a time when the correlation will change, […]

UK industrial production and BoE MPC meeting minutes

The rally in the FTSE 100 extended to 7398.6 yesterday. The FTSE outperformed the S&P despite a rally in GBP/USD. This behaviour is not normal, I suspect the FTSE will underperform the S&P in the short term, the index will move down and sideways in the short term. There is no major news to report […]