A low risk strategy on UK equities

The long/short strategy on UK shares was launched in May this year and after six months the results are impressive. 76% of trades are successful and the return is 13% in six months. This is equivalent to 26% per year.

Here are the results


When we buy shares we invest 20% of the account value in each share
When we sell the FTSE 100 we sell 1 FTSE 100 per £10,000 in the account

We sell the FTSE 100 to hedge (protect) the long positions in shares.

The above stats are based on a £10,000 account

Special offer £10

You can try the long/short equity strategy for just £10 for the first month (£35 after the first month). To register follow the link:

one month trial long/short equity strategy

Please note: to receive the service you need to download the e-Yield app on your phone/PC, we use the app to send alerts (notifications). Plus, once you are on the app you will receive live updates on the markets and you can chat with me.