A safe strategy

Last week I talked about the UK shares strategy with a 85% success rate, today I would like to give you more information on the strategy.

In these volatile markets you need to trade safely in order to survive. As you know when volatility is high the stop loss is at risk. A tight stop loss has a greater chance to be hit than a wide stop loss. What you need is a wider stop loss, the wider the better, but not too wide. You also need to trade a market that is less volatile, a stable market that goes up or down without too much volatility. Some UK shares offer safety, low volatility and strong relative strength vs FTSE 100 which make them a perfect market in the current environment (if you know what to look for).

I know what to look for, hence most of my share trades are winners. This is not an intraday strategy, we keep trades for days / weeks.

We risk 2% on each trade
We use the FTSE 100 index to hedge (go short FTSE 100 to protect the shares)
We place the stop loss at a level where the share is unlikely to trade. This is wide enough but reasonable as the maximum loss, if the stop loss is hit, will not exceed 2% of funds.
We trade shares on margin, you need a spread betting or CFD account.
We don’t trade everyday. As positions are kept for days or weeks, this strategy does not take much of your time. However it is recommended to keep an eye on your mobile phone for alerts (notifications). Alerts are delivered by instant message via the e-Yield app.

Special offer

I strongly recommend this strategy, if you are disciplined and do exactly as I say you will be rewarded. The offer is £10 for the first month, then £35 per month. You can join the service here