Bearish divergence between FTSE 100 and S&P 500

Last week we had conflicting signals but I still made a profit. Members of the FTSE short term forecast and No Stop strategy made a profit too.

I felt bullish on GBP/USD and while I was bearish on the S&P 500 I bought the S&P and sold the FTSE. The reasoning was that if markets fall and GBP/USD rallies the FTSE would fall faster than the S&P. And if markets rallied, the S&P would outperform the FTSE.

Well, we had something unusual but positive for my account. The S&P rallied to all-time highs and the FTSE declined, perfect if you are short FTSE / long S&P. Naturally I cleaned up.

You will find why I was bullish on GBP/USD and bearish on FTSE 100 in this report I published on 10 August:


Update: No Stop strategy strong performance +41% since May

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