Best FTSE 100 results from e-Yield combined strategies

I often say that markets follow the Elliott wave pattern, this recurring pattern is clearly visible in the stock market and you can profit from it. If you have a good understanding of Elliott wave you will agree with me. If you have a limited knowledge of Elliott wave analysis or if you are a complete beginner, it is not too late to learn this incredible form of analysis. I will teach you!

I have applied the Elliott wave analysis and generated trading signals on the FTSE 100 based on the analysis, the results are fantastic. Over the last two years, had you copied all my signals, your account would have grown fourfold.

I provide three types of signals on the FTSE 100, intraday trades, swing trades and option trades. Here are the FTSE 100 results:


* July results may change as we still have one trade running from July.

The swing trades are on the FTSE 100 September, they are published on Better Trader Premium
The intraday trades are on the FTSE 100 cash, they are delivered by email or SMS
The option trades are published on Better Trader Premium

The most profitable trades are the swing trades (+1416 pts)

The best result are achieve by combining the three types of trade (+3293 pts).

As you can see from the table this is not a low risk strategy, there are months where we can lose more than 300 pts. The best months were September 2015 (+602 pts) and February 2016 (+1017 pts). But overall more profits than losses.

The key to success is not to bet too much on each trade, that way you can ride the big drawdowns without fear. A reasonable amount is 50p per £1,000 in the account or £1 per £2000 in the account. For example if you have £4,000 in your account you bet £2 on each trade. Or you can bet £2 on the swing trades and £4 on the intraday trades (because the intraday trades have a tighter stop loss). You can see this trade size is relatively safe, at the same time this will enable you to produce very high returns. Based on that trade size a £10,000 account would have grown to £39,000 in more than two years.

FTSE 100 results

The way to do it is to increase the trade size in line with the account value. If you start with £2,000 you bet £1. When your account increases to £4,000 you increase you trade size to £2. When your account reaches £6,000 you increase your trade size to £3…and so on.

It won’t be plain sailing all the way as there will be some drawdowns along the way like in November 2016 but overall you will achieve some exceptional results if you follow my trading signals.

To receive signals on all three types of trade you need to subscribe to the FTSE intraday:

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