Best FTSE 100 results from e-Yield combined strategies

I often say that markets follow the Elliott wave pattern, this recurring pattern is clearly visible in the stock market and you can profit from it. If you have a good understanding of Elliott wave you will agree with me. If you have a limited knowledge of Elliott wave analysis or if you are a […]

FTSE 100 prediction over the short to medium term

My FTSE 100 prediction is based on the Elliott wave pattern together with sentiment and fundamental factors. The FTSE 100 was weak yesterday, this happened despite a weak pound sterling. The UK index closed down while GBP/USD was falling on lower than expected inflation data. The consumer price index for June came in at 0%, […]

A very good performance in June

Regular readers know how important patience is. I often mention the word “patience” in my emails, people who are patient tend to succeed. Why? Because if you are patient and sit tight when your account is not doing anything you will eventually be rewarded. As I have said many times I can’t say when I […]

Market top: How to identify a top in the FTSE 100

On 1st June I expected a market top in the FTSE 100, we had a completed Elliott wave pattern and the 34-day BTI was overbought. The 34-day BTI is a trend reversal indicator with a high probability of success. When this indicator is overbought (above 400) the odds of a multi-week decline in the FTSE […]

FTSE trading: UK election will drive the FTSE 100 tomorrow

FTSE trading will become more volatile in the next 24 hours. The FTSE was weak yesterday, a combination of profit taking ahead of the general election, strong pound and declining oil prices dragged the FTSE lower. The S&P 500 was more or less unchanged. Today is polling day in the UK, we won’t know the […]