Another good forecast

Last month I posted an article in which I called the FTSE 100 rally a bull trap. Here is the article: I was right to call it a bull trap, the FTSE failed to make a new all-time high above 7599 and today it is breaking down as I expected. I have seen this […]

e-Yield indicators

We have a timing indicator called 13-day BTI and a trend reversal indicator called 34-day BTI, when they are overbought they warm us of a pullback/trend reversal in the FTSE 100. The difference between the two indicators is in the size of the decline. With the 13-day BTI the expected decline will last a few […]

This FTSE 100 rally could be a bull trap

When the FTSE 100 rally extends sharply as it has done recently, people get excited, they think a new bull trend is underway. People are driven by the market. The proportion of bulls is always at the highest at the end of the rally. The sharper the rally the greater the percentage of bulls. So […]

e-Yield trading signals for day traders

Experience, experience, experience…that is why the e-Yield trading signals performance gets better each year. If you tried the service five or ten years ago, you should give it another try. You will be surprised how good the forecasts are, the service has improved massively over the years. We are now near the end of September, […]

Best FTSE 100 results from e-Yield combined strategies

I often say that markets follow the Elliott wave pattern, this recurring pattern is clearly visible in the stock market and you can profit from it. If you have a good understanding of Elliott wave you will agree with me. If you have a limited knowledge of Elliott wave analysis or if you are a […]

FTSE 100 prediction over the short to medium term

My FTSE 100 prediction is based on the Elliott wave pattern together with sentiment and fundamental factors. The FTSE 100 was weak yesterday, this happened despite a weak pound sterling. The UK index closed down while GBP/USD was falling on lower than expected inflation data. The consumer price index for June came in at 0%, […]