FTSE trading: be cautious this week as we have some important news

Trading the FTSE 100 is easier when there is no news. Important news like nonfarm payrolls or interest rate decisions can change the forecast. This week we have a FOMC meeting and the Dutch election on Wednesday, plus President Trump’s budget on Thursday and a possible triggering of article 50…read more

FTSE trading: possible move to 7350

FTSE trading: The rally is in its final leg up, the Top 20 Differential is overbought and the pattern can be counted as an impulse wave or a double zigzag nearing an end. It is not recommended to be heavily long at this stage but there is still potential for a move to 7350 in … Continue Reading

FTSE forecast: The decline could be short lived

FTSE forecast: today possible decline followed by a rally. As you can see the pound looks bearish, if it is tracing out a triangle [a,b,c,d,e (circle)] the next move is wave d (circle) down to 1.2400. If this happened and the S&P declines, the FTSE will decline but the decline won’t go far. The alternative … Continue Reading