Boost your account in 2018

We had another good year in 2017, mainly because I predicted a decline in the second half of the year. I published this chart in June:

boost your account

The peak on 2 June marked the end of an Elliott wave. If you were following my analysis you would have taken your profits on long positions in June. The FTSE 100 declined from June to September, then it went sideways and up to new highs at the end of December. While the move up in June was not the final wave up, it was nevertheless a signal to sell because the structure inside each wave is in five. There was a high probability the FTSE would pause / go down for many months.
Trading intraday and short term has been very profitable, I offer intraday trades, swing trades and option trades on the FTSE. In total (if you take all the trades) we are up 3652 pts in the last two and a half years. The equivalent of turning £10,000 into £46,565 (based on a bet of £1 per £2000 in the account). For example if you have £10,000 in your account you bet £5 on each trade.
Full stats per month and breakdown per type of trade available on request.

You can benefit from this type of analysis by subscribing to one of the services on offer:

1. Standard service: FTSE short term forecast

You will receive swing trade alerts on FTSE 100 future (March) and option trades. Swing trades are kept open for more than one day, ideal for catching the big moves. The stop loss is 100 pts, the profit target is 200 pts or more. Plus you have access to daily analysis with comments and charts posted on Better Trader Premium.

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2. Full service: FTSE Intraday

You will receive a mixture of intraday trades, swing trade alerts and option trades. The intraday trades have a 40 pts stop loss and 60-70 pts profit target. The swing trades have a wider stop loss (100 pts) but they return more than the intraday trades because they target the big moves. The profit target is 200 pts or more. The swing trades are on the FTSE 100 March, the intraday trades are on the FTSE 100 cash. Plus you have access to daily analysis with comments and charts posted on Better Trader Premium, plus live updates from the traders community (e-Yield app).

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