When sentiment is extremely bullish

Bullish sentiment is associated with rising stock market. However after a long period of bullish sentiment, the mood will be too bullish i.e. extremely bullish, it’s like euphoria. At that moment the risk of a trend reversal is high. see http://www.e-yield.com/ftse-100-forecast/

Another good forecast

Last month I posted an article in which I called the FTSE 100 rally a bull trap. Here is the article: https://ftse100trading.uk/ftse-100-rally-bull-trap I was right to call it a bull trap, the FTSE failed to make a new all-time high above 7599 and today it is breaking down as I expected. I have seen this […]

Best FTSE 100 results from e-Yield combined strategies

I often say that markets follow the Elliott wave pattern, this recurring pattern is clearly visible in the stock market and you can profit from it. If you have a good understanding of Elliott wave you will agree with me. If you have a limited knowledge of Elliott wave analysis or if you are a […]

UK industrial production and BoE MPC meeting minutes

The rally in the FTSE 100 extended to 7398.6 yesterday. The FTSE outperformed the S&P despite a rally in GBP/USD. This behaviour is not normal, I suspect the FTSE will underperform the S&P in the short term, the index will move down and sideways in the short term. There is no major news to report […]