I warned you the FTSE 100 would collapse

The FTSE 100 is down more than 12% from the top recorded in January this year. I have been telling people to join my forecast service, I could see the FTSE 100 would collapse. Look what happened to the FTSE 100, I warned people several times this would happen, read my January article:


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The best FTSE 100 short term forecast

You will receive swing trade signals on FTSE 100 future (June). Swing trades are kept open for more than one day, ideal for catching the big moves. The stop loss is 100 pts, the profit target is 200 pts or more. Plus you have access to daily analysis with comments and charts posted on Better Trader Premium.

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You will be amazed to see that Elliott wave analysis predicted the recent market decline. And things are not going to get better on the fundamentals. Elliott wave analysis anticipates a change in the fundamentals, my own fundamental view is bearish. I predict more chaos in the next few months. Whether we see a large rebound in the short term remains to be seen. With president Trump in charge anything is possible, but my members and I are well positioned to profit in the months ahead.
FTSE 100
Recently I had two possible wave counts, either a rally to 7400 followed by a decline to 6800 or an immediate decline to 6800. Well, the index chose to go down immediately.

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