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In the traders community I don’t trade Bitcoin but as I write Bitcoin is down 8%, the cryptocurrency is down 20% since yesterday high. I warned you of the risks associated with Bitcoin two weeks ago. I hope you have been sensible (if you had some bitcoins) because we don’t know if Bitcoin will still exist in a year time. An asset that can go down 20% in a matter of days can go to zero in a matter of months.

The FTSE 100 however, will still exist in a year time, that is the difference between an asset created out of thin air and the real thing. The Bitcoin experience always reminds me of the dotcom bubble when people got intoxicated with technology stocks. They called technology stocks the “new economy”, it was like a revolution because technology stocks moved up fast. People thought they would make their fortune so they ignored traditional stocks like beverages, construction, retailing….(the old economy). They were too slow to move.

The thing is, when the tech bubble burst, traditional stocks became fashionable again. Elephants don’t galop but they are solid creatures.

Also a market like Bitcoin is unpredictable, so why trade it? Always trade a market that is predictable like the FTSE 100. If you need any help with the FTSE 100 I am your man. Members of my traders community are very satisfied with my analysis and forecasts. When you join the traders community you will see the nice messages posted by my members like:

Excellent analysis Thierry, I have using your service from last 11 months, and I firmly believe that the only thing you need to beat the market is patience. Thank you” (Amol)


“I have been with Thierry for 18 months, we make a decision to close here and there at loss but in general we make more profit and my account balance is a beautiful sight” (Vishal)


“Thierry – you have surprised us yet again with your predictions. You held with your forecast against all odds – You are the Master”  (tel8)

e-Yield traders community

This service provides live updates during the day via the e-Yield app. With this messaging app you will be in constant contact with me, you will know my view on the direction of the FTSE 100, S&P 500, GBP/USD at any time and you can copy my trades posted on the app. The strategy I run here is “tight” which means low risk. I tell members when I buy and sell and I make sure people don’t bet too much which is key. I am quick to protect losing trades and I make sure the account does not experience a large drawdown. I trade a mixture of long and short positions on the FTSE 100, GBP/USD and options. The objective is capital protection as well as achieving above average returns.

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