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I have warned many times the stock market would collapse / enter a bear market. This does not mean I am permanently short. I am a short term trader, I don’t take a punt on the long term trend, if you want to profit from the stock market collapse please register to receive my FTSE 100 trading tips. My strategy is to follow the short term trend. If the short term trend is up and I am bearish long term I still go long.

The reason behind this behaviour is that I take into account various factors to decide if I go long or short including sentiment, so for example if sentiment is bullish I will go long. When the FTSE rallies too high and my indicators point to a top I will go short. This happened in January, I was confident the stock market would turn down, despite 90% of bulls calling for higher prices. Here is the article I published in January when I became bearish on the FTSE 100:

Stock Markets Approaching Major Turning Point

During the bull market of the last 34 months the intraday and swing trades have produced gains of 225% based on trading small stakes of £1 per £2000 of funds. If you increase the stake this return would be higher. If I am a perma bear and the stock market rises and I can make money you can imagine what will happen when I am bearish and the market falls.

This is precisely where we are now, the future looks exciting and it’s time to join me to receive my FTSE 100 trading tips.

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This is a low leverage strategy because most of the trades don’t have a stop loss. The trade size is smaller than usual and I hedge some trades with other trades. Due to the low exposure I can ride an adverse move without having to take a loss. That is the main advantage of the strategy. My trades are posted on the e-Yield app in the group “Thierry’s trades”. You need to download the app. In addition you will receive live updates during the day by instant messages through the e-Yield app. With this messaging app you will be in constant contact with me, you will know my view on the direction of the FTSE 100, S&P 500, GBP/USD at any time. I trade a mixture of long and short positions on the FTSE 100, GBP/USD and options. Some trades are intraday, some trades are held for days or weeks. The objective is capital protection with low leverage as well as achieving above average returns.

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If you prefer a high leverage strategy with stop losses, take a look at the FTSE intraday


FTSE 100 trading tips

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