No stop strategy or with stop loss?

The no stop strategy from e-Yield is doing well however, this is not always a strategy people want. The reason is that most people trade with a stop loss. People like a stop loss when they are highly leveraged. A small adverse move can cause damage to your account if your trade size is too big in relation to the money in your trading account. This is why most people use a stop loss.

There are advantages to trade without a stop loss, for example a trade that is in a loss has the potential to turn into a profit, so why close it at a loss? This is not possible if you use a stop loss. Once the stop loss is hit, the trade closes at a loss. Of course trading without a stop loss means your trade size is smaller, you can’t be too leveraged without a stop loss.

If you trade with a stop loss I have a winning strategy on the FTSE 100, intraday and short term with stop loss. Please see the results:

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