FTSE 100 forecast

Probably the best FTSE 100 forecast you will find

The FTSE 100 forecast reports I provide have been spot on. The trading signals have been very profitable. Take the last two weeks, in total we made +294 pts trading the FTSE 100 intraday and short term. I gave two swing trade signals and nine intraday signals:

Swing trades:

Sell FTSE 100 June on 15th March +66 pts

Buy FTSE 100 June on 27th March +80 pts

Intraday trades (FTSE 100 cash):

14/03/17 Buy +23
16/03/17 Sell +8
17/03/17 Sell +3
20/03/17 Sell +11
23/03/17 Sell +5
27/03/17 Buy +18
28/03/17 Buy +65
29/03/17 Buy +20
30/03/17 Buy  -5

Yet a large number of people don’t have the patience “to make money”. I am referring to the fact that trading profits are not a regular affair. When we don’t make make money I always tell people to be patient and I am right. The thing about trading is that we could be flat for a month or two and make a huge profit in two weeks. Many people don’t have the patience to wait for the profits, if they join the service and profits don’t roll in immediately they quit.

Well, I am please to report that the service (intraday and swing trades) made +1947 pts in the last 23 months. If you bet £1 per £1000 of trading funds which is what I recommend, a £1000 investment would be worth £2947 or a 194% return on investment. If you add the option trades (published on the blog) this return increases to +281%. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

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