Risk and reward: a low risk strategy

Risk and reward go together, I am sure you have heard stories about people doubling their money in a few months. Well, those people take huge risks, this is why they can double their money in a short period of time. The drawback of taking huge risks is that you can lose all your money quickly.

At the other end of the risk scale we have the low risk strategies, these are used by fund managers. A low risk strategy may be boring to the average day trader but they make a lot of sense to many people. Why gamble with my money when I can make 20% per annum and my money is relatively safe?

If I use my services as an example I would say the FTSE intraday service and the FTSE short term forecast service are high risk strategies and the e-Yield traders community (app) is the low risk strategy. So if you don’t like taking high risks, I suggest you try the e-Yield traders community.

My high risk strategy has been very profitable over the last 25 months but because it’s a risky strategy from time to time we will have some large drawdowns and this is where many people give up. People want the high returns without the high drawdowns associated with the strategy. Well, this is not possible, we can’t produce 274% return in 25 months without any large drawdowns along the way.

If you can’t sit tight during the large drawdowns I suggest you try my low risk strategy in the e-Yield traders community. This strategy is relatively safe, we don’t bet too much and I use call options and the FTSE 100 cash and future to hedge. It’s ta tight strategy which means when a trade goes wrong I am quick to protect. I also like the pair selling calls and buying the FTSE 100 because if the FTSE 100 rises slowly I can make money on both trades. Everything will be explained when you join the traders community. The traders community is a messaging app for iOS, Android and desktop. Through the e-Yield app you get:

– Live updates and forecast on the FTSE 100 and S&P 500

– Live support, your questions answered instantly

– Live chat with me and other members of the traders community

– Copy my trades. Each time I trade I alert members through the app

– Daily FTSE, S&P short term forecast report poster before 8am


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